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2021 Tournament Schedule

Classroom Phase

Jan 4 - Feb 6

Compete against other teams in your classroom.

Pre-Season Tryouts Demo BatterUp

School Phase

Feb 7 - Mar 6

Teams compete with other classrooms within your school.

Pre-Season Tryouts Demo BatterUp

State Phase

Mar 7 - Mar 27

Top teams from within each school compete with other top teams in the state.

Pre-Season Tryouts Demo BatterUp>

National Tournament

Mar 28 - Apr 10

The top teams from each state move on to compete with top teams in the nation.

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International Tournament

May 10 - May 14

The top teams from each participating country move on to compete in the International Math Bee Tournament

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The FREE International Math Bee (IMB) is available to all schools in many countries!!!

    Correlated to the New Academic Standards (USA) for 1st - 6th grades.
  • During 2020, the platform was fully revamped to address today’s more challenging standards for elementary school children.
  • Brand new tracking and reporting systems have been installed so educators may closely monitor and assess each student’s progress.
  • The new Team technologies capture not only individual but group performance features.

    • Research-based and Classroom Proven
  • The first study was finished in 2004 as part of a doctoral dissertation.
  • Urban, suburban and rural schools with grades 1- 6 were included.
  • Overwhelmingly, statistically significant improvement occurred with every group of students within the study.
  • View or download The Complete Research Study

  • Since that first study, thousands of students in classrooms have excelled in math by using this game.

    • FREE to use for your school.
  • The basic version is available free of charge to all schools worldwide.
  • An unlimited number of classrooms and students may participate in the online tournament at no cost.
  • Additional enhancements are available as schools enlist sponsors and donors.

    • No-effort fund-raising for your school.
  • Private donors can just click on the website and donate their tax-deductible donations.
  • Donations will go directly to your school account with no records for the school to maintain.
  • Also, business sponsors in your neighborhood (the USA only) will be contacted by the IMB.
  • Schools that are already enrolled may get sponsor requests from local businesses through the IMB website.
  • Schools may accept or decline the sponsorship, based on their local school policy.

    • Don’t miss out!! Get signed up today.
  • GET ON THE BALL TODAY with the FREE version of BatterUp and the IMB
  • You may even want to solicit your own donors and sponsors for the enhancement upgrades.
  • Enhancement upgrades include things like added reporting, more scoreboards, additional certificates, and extra surprises to be introduced during the tournament year.

    • Widely used and growing quickly
  • 42 US States
  • 14 foreign countries
  • Tens of thousands of student participants

  • Since 2006, The National Math Bee has provided free play, practice & learning to thousands of elementary school students!

      This year (2021) IMB is officially going international!!
  • After 14 years of National Math Bee fun, we've taken it to another level. The International Math Bee (IMB) is here!
  • International students have joined in on the US National Math Bee from over 14 additional countries in previous years.
  • This year we have added a fifth and final round dedicated to teams competing on an international basis

    • How does it work for the students in the classroom?
  • Teachers set up teams of 3-5 students
  • Students from each team log into their individual accounts and play games of Batter Up.
  • Team batting averages are calculated based on the combined data of each individual player on the team
  • Video clip 13

    • An integrated learning platform
  • Batter Up is the computerized version of a cardboard game designed to help students practice their math facts.
  • Hosted on our integrated learning platform, Batter Up is an excellent tool for primary students and has proven, without a doubt, to help students with speed and accuracy.
  • Video clip 26
  • The teacher area is an integral part of the platform where teachers can manage their students, teams, and track students’ progress.

    • A cost-free resource for schools!
  • Schools can access the basic version of Batter Up free of charge….
  • With no limit to the number of students who can participate.
  • Schools can access enhanced features and options by obtaining donations and sponsorships.
  • Video clip 27

    • Don't miss out on the Math Bee fun!
  • Register your classroom and students today!
  • Access Batter Up try-outs as soon as October 1st
  • Get a head start to fill your school’s account with donations in order to access additional reports, certificates, and more during this 2021 tournament season.

  • For 2021, the National Math Bee has kicked it up a notch – It’s the International Math Bee (IMB)! Don’t wait to let your students get in on the fun way to learn math!

      What have you heard about the International Math Bee IMB?
  • Did you know that it's Research-based,
  • Free to schools,
  • Has proven extraordinary historical math improvements among users,
  • And it's fun learning!

    • Elementary-aged children are likely to learn more if they think it is play.
  • Great educators have always used games to make learning more intuitive and fun.
  • We are helping educators all over the world bring that kind of excellence to their students
  • Creating team play also increases students’ ability to work with others
  • Video clip 37

    • Individual achievement develops confidence
  • The right kind of team play can help students develop individually.
  • With encouragement from teammates, extra determination to succeed is generated.
  • Other students can sometimes help students better than a teacher when they are on the same team.
  • Video clip 02

    • Team Play has been fully reinstated in the IMB
  • Team play develops character and excellence
  • Helping others and looking out for others on your team.
  • Wanting and doing what will be best for others on your team.
  • Promoting comradery and encouragement among team members.

    • Playing with other students from around the world can help:
  • Students to learn country names
  • Identify schools in other countries
  • Develop a sense of world community
  • Foster curiosity about other cultures

    • Support needed to make it available; emotional, instructional and financial
  • In today’s world, kids need a lot of the right kind of support.
  • Emotional and instructional support from their teachers, parents and classmates.
  • Video clip 42
  • Financial support from the community to make success attainable.

  • Unlimited numbers of students may play - - FREE during the whole tournament!!!

      Schools can sign up as many classrooms and students as they want
  • Elementary schools should sign up all classes in grades 1 through 6
  • There is no registration limit on the number of students from any school
  • Teachers must group their students into teams of 3 to 5

    • No student registration costs
  • Students are not charged for any playtime or participation
  • Parents are not charged for their student to participate
  • Teachers/schools incur no cost for full participation in the basic platform
  • Schools may access many significant enhancements by enlisting donors and sponsors

    • Four and a half months of math practice and tournament fun!
  • The IMB begins on January 4th and runs through May 14th
  • There are five phases: Classroom, School, State, National, and International.
  • Teams are ranked on the tournament tab in real-time!

    • Batter Up! Don't miss out on the IMB fun!
  • The sign-up process is more straightforward than ever!
  • Teachers register themselves and add their classrooms and students through a simple bulk upload.
  • It only takes a few minutes to get your students in on the IMB fun!

  • THE ORIGINAL Computer Math Baseball Game

      The original Batter Up math game was created in 1982
  • The first version was a cardboard game developed by a student teacher for a 5th-grade classroom.
  • The objective of the baseball-themed math game was to improve the speed and accuracy of basic math facts.
  • The second version was developed for the computer during the 1980’s
  • Copyrighted in 1992, the computer DOS version was shared in many classrooms
  • Bulletin boards on the “pre-Internet” were used to distribute via shareware and freeware.

    • From 2000 to 2005:
  • The development of the Windows version of Batter Up began in 2000.
  • It included four math modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • The Windows version was uploaded to a web server in 2003 to conduct the research study>
  • The participants in the study (teachers and students) requested to use it again in 2004
  • In 2005 the Batter Up Tournament was shared in several states across the USA.

    • The Start of the National Math Bee
  • In 2006 the non-profit National Math Bee was established
  • It used the tested and proven Batter Up Tournament structure
  • The National Math Bee platform was now available to all 50 US states
  • And has continued to serve the USA until 2020.
  • In the later years of the tournament, students from different countries began to participate.

    • The International Math Bee (IMB) is another major revision to this math-based baseball game
  • Team play has been enhanced within the platform
  • All programming has been rewritten to leverage current technology
  • The game standards of play have been upgraded to include math facts through 100.
  • Of course, now classrooms and students from all over the world may participate.

  • Watch your class math scores soar on standardized tests next spring

  • Our 2003-2004 study included urban, suburban, and rural schools, including grades 1- 6.
  • Overwhelmingly, statistically significant improvement occurred with every group of students within the study.
  • Video clip 08
  • View or download The Complete Research Study
  • Since that first study, thousands of students in classrooms have excelled in math by using this game.

    • Updated to today's academic standards!
  • During 2020, an overhaul to the platform addressed today’s more challenging standards for elementary school children.
  • Brand new tracking and reporting systems have been installed so educators may closely monitor and assess each student’s progress.
  • The new Team technologies capture not only individual but group performance features.

    • The Teachers Platform
  • Download basic reports to track your students’ improvement
  • Enhanced reports for further progress tracking, certificates, and more are available with your sponsors’ and donors’ help.
  • Video clip 14
  • No-effort fundraising for your school is implemented when sponsors and donors enlist.
  • Teachers set up the teams (of 3 to 5 students) for their classrooms.

  • Other schools across the USA and many countries are already signed up!

      Don’t miss out on the International Math Bee (IMB)
  • Video clip 38
  • The Pre-season Tryouts begin October 1st
  • You will be able to register students and set up your students’ teams.
  • Let the students practice the game
  • Teachers can get practice with reporting and monitoring features.
  • Watch math performance go up even before the tournament
  • Video clip 32

    • The first tournament phase begins on January 4th!
  • Start thinking about your official tournament teams
  • The holiday season will come and go quickly
  • Time is running out! Get signed up today!

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