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  • Individual Ranking System: Discover your child’s math journey with our innovative ranking system. This diagnostic tool quantifies performance levels, providing a real-time window into your child’s progress within their grade. Watch them shine!
  • Elevate Math Education: Elevate your child’s math skills with our research-based video game. It’s not just fun; it’s proven to boost math proficiency. Watch them excel in math like never before.
  • Be part of a Global Community: Join a vibrant worldwide community where learning, fun, and global experiences blend seamlessly. Your child’s educational adventure awaits – be part of it today!
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Our Journey, Committed to Children’s Success

The International Math Bee® (IMB) is a global educational game-based learning platform designed to engage and empower elementary mathematics students in honing their fundamental math skills. Established in 2006 by Dr. S. David Vaillancourt, IMB began its journey as the non-profit National Math Bee® (NMB) in the United States.

BatterUp® 5G, Transforming Math Education

IMB’s BatterUp® 5G is not just a game; it’s a revolutionary educational tool designed to engage, empower, and elevate the math skills of elementary school students. Join us on this exciting journey where learning meets innovation, and together, we unlock the limitless potential of your child’s mathematical prowess.

BatterUp® 5G (5th Generation) brings the math game and contests directly to the palms of students’ hands, accessible via cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. IMB has taken a giant stride towards inclusivity, recognizing the vital role parents play in their child’s educational journey. With BatterUp® 5G, parents, just like teachers, are seamlessly integrated into the equation, offering heightened control and participation. 

What truly sets BatterUp® 5G apart is its innovative ranking system, a never-before-seen feature that empowers students, parents, and teachers alike. This dynamic system provides an anonymous, real-time snapshot of each student’s progress and standing in math skills across five distinct levels within their grade assignment: classroom, school, state, national, and even international.


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Embarking as the National Math Bee®, we championed mathematical excellence. As a nonprofit, we empowered young minds through free online math baseball tournaments. Students in grades one through six engaged in essential math categories: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our contest thrived online, with dedicated teachers guiding student teams via classroom computers. Academic rigor was our hallmark, aligning with state and national educational standards. Click below to learn more about WHO WE ARE.

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Elevate Math Education with IMB: Limitless Learning

IMB’s BatterUp® 5G is not just a game; it’s a revolutionary educational tool designed to engage, empower, and elevate the math skills of elementary school students.


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Equipping parents and students for success.


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Introducing BatterUp® 5G

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